N.I.O.T.G.  Nature Investigators on the Ground

Calling All Nature Investigators!!!

You have been specially invited to be an “author” on this blog.  You can add your own photos and videos, plus text to this blog site. The goal is to bring together nature loving people to share their adventures in the great outdoors.  I have also created a Facebook page.  

Go to: https://www.facebook.com/NIOTG


  1. How do I become one of these N.I.O.T.G.s?

  • Love Nature*

  • * including all flora, fauna, oceans, rivers,  streams, estuaries, lakes, ponds, plains, prairies, tundras, hills, mountains, canyons, and ice caps.

  1. What are the rules?

  • Love nature;

  • Follow your curiosity;

  • Seek adventure; 

  1. When I “report in” do I follow a specific format?

Yes, the format is as follows:

Reporting (date): N.I.O.T.G. (city or place), (state and/or country)

Example = Reporting (7/20/2015)  N.I.O.T.G. Albuquerque, NM  OR

Reporting (7/20/2015) Manzano Mountain Wilderness, NM, USA


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